chaulmoogra oil

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chaul·moo·gra oil

(chawl-mū'gră oyl),
The fixed oil expressed from seeds of Taraktogenos kurzii and Hydnocarpus wightiana (family Flacourtiaceae); formerly used to treat leprosy.
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hydnocarpus oil

An obsolete therapy for leprosy.
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chaulmoogra oil

, chaulmugra oil, chaulmaugra oil
A vegetable oil used to treat leprosy and some dermatoses. Although generally replaced by sulfones in treatment of leprosy, chaulmoogra oil is still used in areas where leprosy is endemic because of its availability and low cost.
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Cocoa and flavored syrups were used to help disguise the taste of the chaulmoogra oil (Parascandola, 2003; Trautman, 1984; White, 2003).
Perricone, among others, has meant 10% growth per year for this segment, stimulating a private label market for companies that help doctors develop their products, which include ingredients like green tea, retinol and Indian Chaulmoogra oil. And retailers have begun to stock more of these lines to help boost sales and expand their customer base.
Built on a prepare, protect and repair regimen, the Anti-Ageing Sun Care range boasts a Sun Adapt Complex based on the skin caring properties of sweet orange extract, chaulmoogra oil and commiphora plant cells, which together are said to regulate the activity of melanocytes, protect skin cell DNA and strengthen the skin's immune defenses.