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chassis (chaˑ·sē),

n glass plates coated with thin layers of fat over which plant material is spread in layers so that the essential oil is absorbed into the fat. The saturated fat is washed with hexane to dissolve the essential oil and concentrated to yield a purer form. See also enfleurage.
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The PDKs include a 16 + 4 port Nitrex switch, Nitro Server Blade, and complete chassis system with integrated backplane, power supply and fans.
Besides, the most attractive feature of this chassis, which can benefit customers in the most of their application, is the chassis can accommodate to PS2 size power supply.
Spartan Chassis continues to be a subcontractor in good standing with Force Protection.
I think we are going to see a very gradual transition to being allowed by the vehicle manufacturers to give the system more and more authority for things like braking," says Craig Tieman, product marketing manager for Chassis and Safety Electronics at Delphi.
FCCC presented the preproduction all-electric WIV chassis model at the 2010 National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Work Truck Show (Booth #3035).
Spartan Chassis will host a brief media conference on Friday, August 24, at 11 a.
Currently, most of Metaldyne's chassis business, which accounted for about $165 million in sales in 2001, is in components, but its module business is growing.
The CHUB is a 5U chassis suitable for ETSI or ANSI installations.
This approach epitomizes the 'next generation of custom,' allowing department leaders to be truly in the driver's seat when it comes to designing their cab and chassis," said Richard Schalter, president of Spartan Chassis.
GM released a lot of the engineering responsibilities to us," says Wayne Jaslow, supervisor, Chassis Modules at Visteon, "and allowed us to optimize the suspension hard points from the original geometry.
Increased Global Trade and Strict Environmental Regulations Augur Well for Chassis Systems and Components Aftermarket
Record Orders, Highlighted by Best-Ever Month in May for Fire Truck Chassis, Spur Expansion