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Quality Monitor from Northwest Analytical is designed as a configurable, off-the-shelf package for PCs that brings SPC charting to the plant floor without any programming.
Under the terms of the agreement, ScriptRx will act as a premier channel partner in licensing X-Press Charts patient charting templates to hospitals nationwide.
The system's easy to use applications include the patient charting as well CPOE, prescription writing, discharge instructions and access to both on and offline reference materials.
With FAME iChartz, B2B and B2C online trading firms, financial portals, exchanges and online publications can take full advantage of a powerful combination drawing on FAME's database products and 100% pure Java data visualization class charting.
To quickly and cost efficiently compete today, web sites are forced to rely on early adopter level, one-trick-pony-type charting applications, instead of rapidly adopting to changing conditions in the surge economy they face on a day-to-day basis," said Dale Richards, president of FAME's Financial Markets division based in New York City.
Offering German and French versions of OrgPublisher, in addition to English, furthers our global efforts while extending Web-based org charting for the growing number of international customers we serve," said Lois Melbourne, founder and president of TimeVision Inc.