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A gene on chromosome 6p12 that encodes a member of the AP-2 family of transcription factors, which activate the transcription of genes involved in proper eye, face, body wall, limb and neural tube development. TFAP2B inhibits C/EBP alpha, MCAM/MUC18 and MYC; it appears to be required for normal face and limb development, and for proper terminal differentiation and function of renal tubular epithelia.

Molecular pathology
TFAP2B mutations cause autosomal dominant Char syndrome.


arctic and subarctic species of the fish genus salvelinus.
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Using 20, 30, 40, 70 mesh sieve to screen out 20~30 mesh, 30~40 mesh, 40~70 mesh coal sample; Coal sample is roasted for the preparation of pyrolysis char in the case of anaerobic.
Heifers: 25m Char x to PS1,170; 25m Sim x to PS1,170; 25m Lim x to PS1,180; 19m Char x to PS1,138; 18m Char x to PS1,068; 11m Char x to PS740.
In addition, PA6, as a charring agent, can make the intumescent char layer thicker and more compact.
22) These heat-resistant components can improve the thermal stability of the coating and enhance antioxidation of the char layer at high temperatures.
In spring, anadromous Arctic char (smolts or first-time migrants and older fish) leave their freshwater overwintering habitats and make annual migrations to the sea for the important summer feeding period (Johnson, 1980).
Empirical models were obtained to determine the percentage of volatile liberation and chars of thin and thick wall in terms of two sets of independent variables.
Neste trabalho utilizaram-se amostras de carvoes (CA e CB), de char (ChAB), de coque (CQ) e uma amostra de po de balao (PB) recolhido de um AF a coque com PCI.
The dependent variable of this study was the participation in IGA for sustainable livelihood by the char woman.
Characterization of chars from pyrolysis of chlorogenic acid.
The objective of the work is to describe the effect of magnetite on the rate of the gasification of the chars from the mixtures of lignite and polymers or celluloses and explain the impact of magnetite on the basis of non-isothermal isoconversional kinetics.
According to Lima, poultry char is perfectly suited for use in wastewater treatment systems, for scavenging metals discharged by industrial activities, and for adsorbing excess fertilizer nutrients from farming operations.
280 kg chars from him andPS Sambrial managed to arrest Afzal from the village of Jathikey and recovered 1.