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A gene on chromosome 6p12 that encodes a member of the AP-2 family of transcription factors, which activate the transcription of genes involved in proper eye, face, body wall, limb and neural tube development. TFAP2B inhibits C/EBP alpha, MCAM/MUC18 and MYC; it appears to be required for normal face and limb development, and for proper terminal differentiation and function of renal tubular epithelia.

Molecular pathology
TFAP2B mutations cause autosomal dominant Char syndrome.
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One of the biggest threats to the charr is the presence of invasive rainbow smelt, a species of small fish that competes with charr for food and are suspected of eating charr's young.
The first was a victory over Sefer Seferi, who Charr defeated before he overcame Ustinov, and should he again succeed next month he is expected to begin pursuing higher-profile opponents and at a time when Charr -- in the event of overcoming Oquendo -- would also be targeting the richest possible fights.
Promoter Frank Warren hopes that Charr will be ringside on Saturday to witness the fight, ahead of a potential showdown with Fury later in the year.
NRW officers have been catching and stripping the eggs of Arctic charr and breeding them at their hatchery in Brecon.
Charr is Germany's first world heavyweight champion since Max Schmeling reigned from 1930-1932.
All told, the results of this study should prove important when updating the Paulatuk Charr Management Plan, which is now more than 15 years old.
UK Arctic charr populations are in decline with increasing temperatures considered to be one of the greatest threats to their existence in UK waters.
Since then he has gone on to defend the title nine times, most recently with a victory against Manuel Charr
The 32-year-old also pulled out of what should have been his previous fight, against Manuel Charr on 29 June, because of a hand injury sustained in training, the report said.
Earlier this year a hand injury also ruled him out of a meeting with Manuel Charr.
LONDON -- Controversial boxer David Haye will take on German Manuel Charr in his comeback fight on June 29, the Briton announced on Sunday.