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Folk medicine A talisman used to ward off evil and promote health


Cardiology A clinical trial–Candesartan cilexitil or Atacand in Heart Failure Assessment of Reduction in Mortality & Morbidity.
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Despite Bouajila's charmless performance, the film ebbs and flows according to its hero's encounters.
And Theresa May is in for a big shock if she thinks promoting this charmless fan of eugenics will rally future generations to the blue cause.
Here, after all, is a charmless oik who's sat on his podgy hands since the Falklands War, milked every cash-cow dry and been sacked for boorishness from his last grace-and-favour job.
After Joe's duet with mad Mexican Rolando Villaz n, charmless judge Vanessa Mae inquired: "How do you compete with Mr Elastoface?
But no, not only was he bigoted but sweatily charmless and a bit dim to boot.
Is the farmer just being his usual charmless self, or is his increasingly erratic behaviour a sign of a more serious problem?
Well, you'll find a refreshing alternative in these recipes from the time of Churchill and charmless chomp.
The script nearly drowns in its own sickly sentiment and Murphy is utterly charmless.
The vengeful killer portrayed here, a cold and charmless spectre with pools of black for eyes, is Hannibal Lecter in name alone: it seems laughable that the character will grow up to be the erudite man portrayed by Anthony Hopkins to such chilling effect.
WELL, what a surprise: you put gormless, graceless and charmless people in an artificially stressful situation to antagonise each other and soon unattractive behaviour emerges on Channel 4's Big Brother.
HERE we see a hobbit trying to win back his human credentials Elijah Wood, fresh from The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, becomes a football hooligan in this charmless film.
As for Sian saying Jim is charmless, has she ever met him?