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Folk medicine A talisman used to ward off evil and promote health
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Cardiology A clinical trial–Candesartan cilexitil or Atacand in Heart Failure Assessment of Reduction in Mortality & Morbidity.
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The only time it lets up is when the critics' lords and masters have to approach the charmless, rude, cocky, and humorless ugly Americans (and beg them) to bail them out against a period of national poverty or enemies bent on their destruction.
8 conductor Mark Elder paid deference to these requirements, but for all its nicely proportioned playing, period sound and orchestral layout (violins on either side, woodwind sandwiched centrally between lower strings, trumpets and horns the outer wings) it was an unconvincing, charmless reading.
The 19-year-old singer, who is dating Welsh and Lions rugby hunk Gavin Henson, 23, was also described 'charmless' as she failed to endear herself to the local media.
The format--the men in cravats and blazers and then in formal wear, the women in outfits of dubious degrees of attractiveness--is as predictable as the delivery of the cast is largely charmless. Angela Richards, the star name, fared far better at the same address this time last year, playing Ethel Merman.
While historically people grew tired of the City, and went east--first to the soulless, charmless Canary Wharf, and then further afield, 'Bangalore, even Shanghai'--now the City is being revived.
Quite why she should choose to be so gracious about this dreary, colourless and charmless memorial that has cost an inordinate sum of money is a mystery to me.
The Royal Ballet School has two divisions: the lower school, White Lodge, located in Richmond Park; and the upper school, currently in a rather charmless but serviceable building on Talgarth Road in West London.
Despite Bouajila's charmless performance, the film ebbs and flows according to its hero's encounters.
And Theresa May is in for a big shock if she thinks promoting this charmless fan of eugenics will rally future generations to the blue cause.
Here, after all, is a charmless oik who's sat on his podgy hands since the Falklands War, milked every cash-cow dry and been sacked for boorishness from his last grace-and-favour job.
After Joe's duet with mad Mexican Rolando Villaz n, charmless judge Vanessa Mae inquired: "How do you compete with Mr Elastoface?" Mr Bean, more like.
But one unlikely and charmless man who has managed the impossible is one Piers Morgan.