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Folk medicine A talisman used to ward off evil and promote health


Cardiology A clinical trial–Candesartan cilexitil or Atacand in Heart Failure Assessment of Reduction in Mortality & Morbidity.
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About the CHARMED Foundation: The Children and Athletes Regenerative Medicine (CHARMED) Foundation was founded in 2015 and is devoted to clinical research of regenerative medicine, discovering new ways to promote the body's ability to heal itself to save children's lives and prolong athletes' careers.
Tamarah Strauss, BZA PR on behalf of the CHARMED Foundation, tamarahs@bzapr.
They started with the Charmed Badge, which actually has a lot of looks in providing a nifty way to help people with similar interests find each other in a crowded room.
All that information is subsequently fed into the Internet-based Web sites set up by Charmed to tie everyone together, much as Geocities has created a series of online communities that tie together like-minded people.
Charmed is building another, high-end version that will take advantage of IBM's Microdrive hard drives to provide a whopping 1 gigabyte of on-badge storage.
Charmed Technology is taking its marketing effort on tour through a series of fashion shows labeled ``Brave New Unwired World,'' which are held at Internet World trade shows, including one this week at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Begun in a Sherman Oaks apartment, Charmed Technology now has 20 employees.
The deal allows Charmed to license, royalty-free, the technology developed by Pentland and Starner, said company co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Alex Lightman.