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A movement of Christianity which accentuates spiritual gifts such as prophecy and faith healing
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One clear distinguishing characteristic between those who emerge as charismatic leaders and those who do not is the existence of a mentoring relationship at some time in the leader's career.
Charismatic leadership, by its very nature, discourages questioning and criticism from subordinates while undervaluing their contributions to the organization's success.
In earlier times Blair would have mesmerised the multitudes as a charismatic religious leader.
Another mark of spirituality according to Penrecostals and Charismatics has tended to be Charismatic giftedness.
Charismatic leaders tend to want to influence the general public, as well as their own organization.
In Part 2 of the play, however, he fails to realize how "the routinization of his charismatic movement has diluted the symbolic effect of his physical power" (59), and he makes a fatal error in attempting to pass on his authority to his sons.
Weber's notion of charismatic authority is part of a larger theory that attempts to identify and classify the major sources of social cohesion.
The phenomenon of charisma challenges either/or thinking because charismatic authority is a "shared experience" (12).
In controlled lab experiments, researchers were able to raise or lower people's charisma as if they were turning a dial simply by telling them to perform specific charismatic behaviors," she says.
Since being charismatic is an in-road to getting promoted, winning negotiations, and otherwise killing it in business, here are a fewscience-backed behaviors that will make you morecharismatic:
2004) found no link between charismatic CEOs and financial performance.