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The amount of money that a local Social Services Department in the UK may invoice a person receiving a service.
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Managed care The posted price of a service provided by a hospital or health care facility; Medicare requires hospitals to apply the same schedule of charges to all Pts, regardless of the expected sources or amount of payment. See Fees.
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1. In electricity, the amount of electrical force present.
2. To add electrical energy to a battery.
3. The cost to the patient and/or the third-party payer for a medical service or hospitalization.

covered charge

A medical service reimbursable by a third-party payer.

customary and reasonable charge

The usual cost of a service to a patient. The term is used in the medical insurance industry to determine the amount the provider will be reimbursed for the service or procedure. Under Medicare, this is the lowest customary fee charged by a physician for a service or the prevailing fee of other area physicians for the same service.

maximum allowable charge

Abbreviation: MAC
In medical care financial management, the maximum reimbursement rate a health plan will allow for the cost of services such as prescribed medicines or professional fees.

prevailing charge

The typical fee that a health care provider bills for a service, e.g., an office visit or a surgical procedure.
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“No, sir; I leave it for your honor to charge; I rest my case here.”
“You are acquitted of this charge, Nathaniel Bumppo,” said the Judge.
This was indeed a more serious charge than an ordinary assault and battery, and a corresponding degree of interest was manifested by the spectators in its result.
Hiram was again sworn, and his testimony given on the second charge. He had discovered his former error, and proceeded more cautiously than before.
Lippet, probably relying on the charge of the Judge, as he again seated himself, with the air of a main who felt that his success was certain.
It was now the duty of the Judge to deliver his charge. It consisted of a short, comprehensive summary of the testimony, laying bare the artifice of the prisoner’s counsel, and placing the facts in so obvious a light that they could not well be misunderstood.
"Verily, your lordship," said Robin, scratching his head, "I have enjoyed your company so much, that I scarce know how to charge for it."
Now we shall charge you nothing on our own account; but suffer us to make use of this in aiding my good friend."
The dock supports the Apple Watch's Nightstand mode for enabling the alarm clock feature as it charges.
Below is an unofficial and truncated reproduction of the money laundering charges against the former deputy prime minister and current Umno president.
Meralco attributed the decline to the P0.1556 per kwh decrease in generation and transmission charges, which more than offset a P0.0733 per kwh increase in the Feed-In Tariff Allowance (FIT-All).
Despite a slight increase in the demand for power in Luzon in November, charges from the WESM decreased by P0.4658 per kWh.