charge transfer complex

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charge trans·fer com·plex

1. a complex between two organic molecules in which an electron from one (the donor) is transferred to the other (the acceptor); subsequent transfer of a hydrogen atom completes the reduction of the acceptor; such complexes are generally highly colored and may be so observed;
2. a network of hydrogen bridges at the catalytic center of certain proteases.
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These absorption results indicate that the MPDMAPP interacts with PVA + PVP matrix via intermolecular hydrogen bonding and hydrophobic interaction and forms the charge transfer complex or charge cluster groups.
With literature references indicating that ferrocene derivatives complex with alkyl chlorides, the mixture of ferrocene and benzyl chloride forms a charge transfer complex ([K.
Once initiated, polymerization propagates through both a charge transfer complex and free monomers, and both mechanisms can be operating at the same time (2).
Because of the presence of the 4CPMI/styrene charge transfer complex, the reaction rate is maximized at a 1:1 feed ratio, when the complex concentration is at a maximum.