charge description master

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charge de·scrip·tion mas·ter

(CDM) (chahrj dĕ-skripshŭn mastĕr)
Comprehensive listing of all the charges that can be billed to a patient.
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Dennis had access to the items of the charge description master that were relevant to his care when they were provided to him in the ordinary course, as part of his bill," Phillips said.
The key to the bills is the Charge Description Master file.
Prior to engaging HealthPort, Hammond had conducted coding and charge description master audits through another firm.
Hays also selected MedAssets' CrossWalk([R])solution, which is proven to improve charge integrity, compliance and pricing defensibility, saving hospitals millions in lost charges by linking supply chain and revenue cycle information through the item master and charge description master.
check] Investigate the integrity of the charge description master
Orlando Health determined it needed to build a consistent pricing model to improve profitability and transparency, choosing MedAssets' charge description master (CDM) solutions, pricing services and CrossWalk to address its defensible pricing challenges.
The new software is designed to enable hospitals to optimize reimbursement for chargeable supplies by improving links between the item master and the charge description master.
It supports maintenance of accurate and up-to-date codes, management of the charge description master (CDM) across the enterprise, and improves regulatory compliance.
By linking hospital-pharmacy purchase history with the hospital's main charge description master (CDM), Pharmacy ChargeLink version 2 improves financial performance for critical-access, medium and large hospitals, health systems and clinics.