charge description master

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charge de·scrip·tion mas·ter

(CDM) (chahrj dĕ-skripshŭn mastĕr)
Comprehensive listing of all the charges that can be billed to a patient.
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The key to the bills is the Charge Description Master file.
The product's change management feature facilitates internal communication among a hospital's charge description master committee-even if based at multiple facilities-allowing them to track issues and determine action steps together.
CDM Focus is a web-enabled resource, which automates the initial assessment, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring, of hospital charge description masters (CDM).
Previously, UHS managed the charge description master (CDM) manually, which made it difficult to maintain a standard CDM for all of its facilities.
3M Chargemaster Online validates all Charge Description Master (CDM) line items automatically and flags for potential problems.
Net for ensuring charge description master accuracy, completeness and compliance, and CCA.
The OSI Best Practice Catalog and knowledgebase is used by hundreds of hospitals nationwide to support system standardizations, Medicare compliance, and revenue integrity within their Charge Description Master (CDM).
HCFS has expanded its service offerings to provide revenue cycle focuses in Patient Access, Health Information Management, Patient Financial Services, and Charge Description Master.
The charge description master that we were using had been propagated across the system, so there had been some consistency, but it wasn't uniform.
With the help of technology and an intense focus on refining processes, Bon Secours has been able to build and maintain a corporate standard around its charge description master (CDM).
L), the market leader in automated revenue integrity solutions, announced today that nationally-recognized non-profit health system, Intermountain Healthcare, has entered a multi-year agreement with Craneware to advance standardization of its charge description master (CDM) management process with the industry's leading chargemaster automation solution used by more than 1,000 healthcare provider organizations.
At Caritas Christi, we were manually managing each of our six hospitals' charge description masters (CDM) at an individual facility level at the beginning of 2007.