charge description master

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charge de·scrip·tion mas·ter

(CDM) (chahrj dĕ-skripshŭn mastĕr)
Comprehensive listing of all the charges that can be billed to a patient.
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He said Williams heard evidence that only one tenth of 1 percent of patients ever pays the charges listed in the hospital's "charge description master."
The key to the bills is the Charge Description Master file.
With the help of technology and an intense focus on refining processes, Bon Secours has been able to build and maintain a corporate standard around its charge description master (CDM).
To make its claims cleaner prior to submission, which would, in turn, alleviate time-consuming rebilling activities and help minimize lost revenue, Lisa Killam, reimbursement charge supervisor at the hospital, looked to automation of the charge description master (CDM) management processes.
Hospitals and health systems handle their charge description master (CDM) management in many different ways.