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A resin that is smoked; obtained from mature leaves of selected varieties of Cannabis sativa.
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The value of the Charas in the international market stands around Rs 5 million.
New Town police has recovered from Abid 260 gram charas, Gujar Khan police from Sadaqat 15 bottles of wine, City police station police from Rahman10 liter open wine, Gunjmandi police from Shahbaz 10 liter open wine, from Bashir 10 liter open wine, from Sajjad 5 liter open wine.
686 kg was however seized in 2009 followed by 2010 when 640 kg charas was seized.
Mail Chara Koubo isn't the only animated system out there, of course -- though it is the first to customize personal photos with characters.
Charas holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Berkeley and a Masters in Business Administration from Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management.
Today food, drug and discount store operators only achieve and maintain an overall average of 88% in-stock levels, 77% new-item cut-ins, 70% planogram compliance and 67% promotional display compliance, according to Charas.
Additionally, Charas Consulting offers the personalized service of assisting executives either currently in transition, or contemplating a move, in negotiating appropriate compensation packages.
According to a police Spokesman, Gujar Khan police netted Shaheen for having 1250 grams charas while Taxila police
According to details, ANF Rawalpindi while acting upon information intercepted two cars at GT Road, near Attock City and seized 12 kg charas and five kg opium concealed in secret cavities of the cars.
Steel Town Police arrested a suspect and claimed to have recovered a pistol and 170-gram of Charas.
3rd operation was carried in Faisalabad near Punjab Medical College which resulted in recovery of 50 Gram Charas from a drug peddler namely Zafar Iqbal resident of Mandi Baha Ud Din.
According to a police spokesman, Naseerabad police netted Majid for having 1050 grams charas.