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The discernment, description, or attribution of distinguishing traits.
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Vox populi The delineation of a thing's features. See Activated characterization, Risk characterization, Secondary sex characterization.
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Patient discussion about characterization

Q. What kind of depression is characterized by waves? It's not a constant depression, like if you can be happy but then you feel the depression creeping up on you, like a wave, lasts for a few to several days/weeks? Is there even a name for it?

A. Depression doesn't have to be a constant 24/7 nightmare. You can smile and laugh all day but by the evening be miserable. Its still depression. There are however different labels with depression. There is acute depression (lasting less than two weeks) there is Major Depression (lasting more than two weeks) and there is chronic (lasting a LONG time). People all have different levels of severity and different expressions of it. Some people stop eating and can't leave their bed, others have a smile on there face and seem fine at work, all while they are being torn apart on the inside. As far as diagnosis and treatment goes: if depression is disturbing your life, if you have been experiencing symptoms including loss of interest everyday (not necessarily ALL day) for more than two weeks, you are depressed and deserve treatment.

(Bipolar is actually a very different thing and treated very differently than depression.)

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Beaumont will conduct and sell material characterization services to customers in North America and Europe.
He invented the MeltFlipper and Therma-flo moldability analysis, a specialized form of material characterization.
- Advanced Device Analyzers are flexible all-in-one analyzers that support IV, CV (capacitancevoltage), pulse/dynamic IV, and more, and all-around characterization of basic to cutting-edge applications.
Utilizing native Spectre API integration, the combination of the Liberate solution and Spectre Circuit Simulator delivers superior convergence and accuracy, enabling mutual customers to speed up their library characterization cycle.
The 65 papers are arranged in sections of ferrous metals; nonferrous metals and alloys; characterization techniques; inorganic materials; green materials; characterizing for environmental applications; advanced materials; high-performance alloys; minerals; soft materials; surfaces, joints, and processing of metals; and characterizing for extraction applications.
It also delves into why many industries routinely use particle characterization techniques within their businesses, exploring applications such as improved control of product quality and gaining a better understanding of products, ingredients and processes.
ATS's Thermal Characterization Lab features a full range of research-quality instruments, including open and closed loop wind tunnels for ambient and elevated temperature testing.
Characterization and behavior of interfaces; proceedings.
Bengaluru, May 11 -- Magma Design Automation (Nasdaq: LAVA), a provider of chip design software, today announced SiliconSmart ACE Memory Characterization, the latest addition to the industry-standard SiliconSmart IP characterization and modeling product line.
Written by polymer researcher Roy Crompton, the book provides up-to-date information on the structure and microstructure of polymers, copolymers, and rubber; instrumentation needed to effect chemical and physical analysis of polymers; and detailed aspects of characterization including sequencing of monomer units in copolymers, end-group analysis, tacticity, and stereochemical determinations.
This latest software release now allows "press fingerprinting" of the individual colors on the press, plate to press characterization, and film/mask to the plate characterization.

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