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Vox populi The features of a thing. See Demand characteristics, Operational characteristics.

Patient discussion about characteristics

Q. Do ADHD patients tend to have similar characteristics? I've noticed lots of kids and teenagers with ADHD are kind, sensetive and have a great sense of humor. Have you heard of any researches in that issue?? Have you noticed that as well?

A. so what do you say guys? anybody else here is familiar with these characteristics in kids with ADHD?

Q. what defining characteristics can i point out to her to show her that she is bipolar and must see a doctor? I have a very close friend who is with me for the past 25 yrs. We share everything about us frankly whether it is good or bad. So far we didn’t hide each other about the happenings around us. But for the past one month I suspect my friend is bipolar but she refuses to visit a doctor. What defining characteristics can I point out to her to show her that she is bipolar and must see a doctor? I don’t want to hurt her at any cost. I never ever do it. So please help.

A. You have reminded me about my friend who was with me before but lost her somewhere now. I can really feel how much you find hard to reveal her about her illness. It's very hard to get someone who is Bipolar to actually admit it and then even harder still to get them to commit to treatment because they enjoy their highs so much. You have to get her when she is in a depressive state as that is when they are most willing and receptive to treatment.

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Differences between children with high and low self-esteem extend beyond personal or behavioral characteristics.
Definition: The definition states characteristics that are always present in the concept and shows how they relate and connect.
Therefore, in practical terms, the burden is on the LLC to effectively demonstrate the absence of at least two of the three remaining characteristics.
This is in welcome contrast to a long tradition that disparaged such women-associated characteristics and saw them as lesser in value or even as negative when compared with so-called masculine traits of reason, justice, and rendering judgment.
I work with the idea that habits are formed when individuals grow to prefer the characteristics of those products they have consumed previously.
An examiner first determines whether a correspondence of class characteristics exists between the questioned footwear impression and the known shoe.
Input-output characteristics of boilers and power units depend on lots of parameters, which are characterized by random deviations from their nominal or planned values.
We also agree that there are numerous characteristics of ventricular tachycardia easily applied to a resting 12-lead ECG (eg, QRS axis).
Researchers compared data from the two survey rounds and used multivariate logistic regression to identify characteristics associated with attitudes toward sexual activity.
The strategy created a context of contemporary change in the classroom by structuring a written assignment to mimic a characteristic of complexity theory.
When using a low pressure casting process, the initial viscosity of the material and its viscosity characteristics over a range of shear rates can have a major impact on the processing of the material.

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