characteristic frequency

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characteristic frequency

frequency at which a given neuron responds to the smallest sound intensity.
Synonym(s): best frequency

char·ac·ter·is·tic fre·quen·cy

(kar'ăk-tĕr-is'tik frē'kwĕn-sē)
Frequency at which a given neuron responds to the least sound intensity.
Synonym(s): best frequency.

characteristic frequency



The frequency of sound that is most easily able to stimulate an auditory neuron.
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Table 1--Calculation formula of Characteristic frequency for rolling bearing Damage location characteristic frequency inner ring [f.
The theoretic characteristic frequency of the roller bearing with inner-race fault is calculated as Fbpi = 162.
Minimum frequency is less consistent than characteristic frequency, because if there is a significant droop, or tail, after the characteristic frequency point, the extent to which this is detected becomes highly dependent on the distance to the bat.
c] = 1 / [tau] the characteristic frequency can be obtained and plugged into Eq.
In the subsection, how to calculate characteristic frequency of planet bearing and the sideband behavior in the frequency spectrum will be presented and discussed.
In this case, the effective plasma frequency is redefined as a characteristic frequency at which [epsilon.
The scientists determined the characteristic frequency with which very cold magnesium atoms can be excited to a particular long-lived state, by a measurement from PTB via 73 km optical fiber.
Using intensity of increased amplitudes on characteristic frequency components interval of influence factors and frequency of mentioned defects was obtained.
Another instrumentation characteristic that comes into the model is a characteristic frequency of the sensor.
NIST F-1's cooler and slower atoms allow more time for the microwaves to "interrogate" the atoms and determine their characteristic frequency, thus providing a more sharply defined signal.
When struck with a laser pulse, OH bonds start to vibrate at a characteristic frequency, Bakker explains.

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