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The estimation of PV equivalent circuit parameters has been tackled in a variety of recent works, which explore a multidude of different approaches for dealing with the non-linearities, possible approximations and other problems associated to I-V characteristic curve estimation [3-10].
In the process of steering, the signals of vehicle speed, steering wheel torque and assist current are gathered and transmitted to the controller, then it will determine the control voltage of assist motor according to the assistance characteristic curve, which will make assist motor produce assist torque that is transmitted to the pinion-rack mechanism through the reducer.
Houston, "Prediction of the soil-water characteristic curve based on grain-size-distribution and index properties," in Geotechnical Special Publications 130-142 & GRI-18; Proceedings of the GeoFrontiers 2005 Congress, pp.
(3) According to results of the direct shear tests and the soil-water characteristic curve of Yudong silt, the shear strength formula proposed by Bishop is not applicable, while an alternative method based on the Fredlund formula is appropriate.
We also showed that, based on receiver operating characteristic curve with area under the curve of 0.76, cutoff NLR value of 1.93 had 83% sensitivity and 54% specificity in differentiating SLE patients with or without nephritis.
The V-I characteristic curve of the electrical arc obtained by flicker effect as a result of the simulation.
* Line 3 is characteristic curve of the fan calculated using Equation 6
The response characteristic curves of the load sensing variable displacement pump are shown in Figure 9.
(1) The Analysis and Comparison between D-P Characteristic Curve and V-P Characteristic Curve of PV.
A high quantity of the nodes improves the accuracy of the characteristic curve but also challenges the optimization algorithm.
It is evident at every moment in every line and stroke of his drawing, in its characteristic curve and arabesque, its quick certainty and summary insouciance.
The receiver operating characteristic curve for FIT test results and colorectal carcinoma showed good predictive ability with an AUC of 0.79 (95% confidence interval 0.71-0.87).

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