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This has been documented in birds: It is called character displacement. I think this is what is happening here.
This type of study may provide a good baseline to link observed character displacement with functional and biomechanical changes with the tool of geometric morphometric.
Amphibians and reptiles have long been used as models in studies of resource partitioning (Roughgarden, 1972, 1974; Schoener, 1968; Toft, 1985) and character displacement (Adams and Rohlf, 2000).
Six of 24 females (25%) showed this highly compatible phenotype in cross-species crosses, and contrary to expectations from reproductive character displacement, 3 of these were from the sympatric population.
Significant variation in body shape along/within zones of preparatory and sympatry have recently shown that important patterns in body shape are generated due to processes such as character displacement and reinforcement (3).
biological introduction; character displacement; character release; geographic variation; Herpestes; island population; mongoose; sexual size dimorphism.
Empirical work on reinforcement has focused on the presence or absence of reproductive character displacement, defined as the pattern of greater divergence of an isolating trait between species in areas of sympatry than allopatry (Brown and Wilson 1956; Howard 1993).
If the different pitches of their calls keep the species from mating with each other, and if those pitch differences lessen outside overlap zones, cicadas could provide a classic case of what evolutionary biologists call reproductive character displacement, says Simon.
Oxford University Press, New York) provides evidence that considerable evolution of body size takes place in sympatry on two-species islands via character displacement, but in Chapter 13 J.
This fact, together with experimental tests of competition and selection, suggests that the divergent characteristics of limnetics and benthics are partly the outcome of ecological character displacement (Schluter and McPhail 1992; Schluter 1994).