chaotic heart

cha·ot·ic heart

apparently totally uncoordinated cardiac action or rhythm.
See also: chaotic rhythm.
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In Section 2, we intro duce and analyze the Hofstadter Chaotic Heart sequence, which is constructed as a difference of the Q-sequence and the Conway sequence.
We call the sequence [(H(n)).sub.n[greater than or equal to]1] the Hofstadter Chaotic Heart sequence (A284019).
We shall now analyze the Hofstadter Chaotic Heart sequence using Pinn's statistical technique and the Maternal Spot Generation method (we also study the same analysis with Pinn's generational method that estimates whether the integer part of [2.sup.k-1/2] is the beginning point of the kth generation of Q-sequence for k [greater than or equal to] 12; results observed are mainly similar to the values of Table 2).
While we explore the Hofstadter Chaotic Heart sequence, we also introduce and study the Brother sequence, which offers meaningful experimental results and intriguing observations in terms of new inferences for Hofstadter's Q-recurrence.
Most episodes are caused by a rapid and/or chaotic heart beat or ventricular fibrillation (the uncoordinated contraction of the cardiac muscle of the ventricles of the heart).
Intensive Care Unit nurse Jacinta Gately said at around 12.45am, medics gathered by her bed noticed a chaotic heart rhythm on a monitor and checked Savita's pulse.
The causes of the chaotic heart rhythms associated with atrial fibrillation (AFib) appear to be sources in the heart that look like tiny, electrical spinning tops or "rotors," according to a study out of UCLA and two other institutions.
These devices can shock a heart out of ventricular fibrillation, a fast, chaotic heart rate that leads to cardiac arrest.
Heart attacks can trigger a chaotic heart rhythm called ventricular fibrillation and lead to sudden cardiac arrest.
Heart Attack Sudden Cardiac Arrest Cause: Reduced blood supply Cause: Chaotic heart rhythm to heart muscle Symptoms: Chest discomfort Symptoms: Sudden loss of Discomfort in other areas of consciousness the upper body No normal breathing Shortness of breath No signs of circulation Cold sweat, nausea, No signs of movement or lightheadedness coughing Treatment: Get to a hospital Treatment: Call 911 right away Begin CPR and use an AED Weigh options to reopen blocked arteries