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Examples of support from students included "this strategy was very effective to learn about change," "I hope I have more opportunities to improve my skills in a changing work environment," and "practicing in class was a great idea.
Critical Task 3 addresses the changing patterns in work and family (all kinds of families) that do not fit old norms.
Other employment situations--such as changing from hourly to salaried employment or from union to nonunion contracts or even introducing new benefits to an existing cafeteria plan in mid-year--do not.
While changing taxpayer behavior may be the IRS's ultimate goal, we question whether the use of revenue procedures to advance a substantive change in the law is a proper use of the IRS's broad grant of authority to ensure compliance with proper accounting methods.
Management courses for the twenty-first century must stress the concept of "people skills" as being an integral variable in the formula for success if we are to deal with the rapidly changing business and educational milieus.
This rapidly changing scenario, along with the technology explosion experienced during the last several years, is bound to have a profound impact on technology and its management in foundries during the next decade, and underlines the need to effectively manage technology more than ever before.
As we all know from experience, changing is much tougher--and much more important--than most people realize.
For example, taxpayers changing from Category A methods in a 90-day window after being contacted for examination were required to effect the change in the earliest year under examination.
But recognizing up front that an application will involve frequent color changes and taking the appropriate steps will have you changing your colors in no time.
The manuscript was a draft for an article which later appeared in College & Research Libraries under the title, "The Changing Role of Directors of University Libraries" (McAnally & Downs, 1973).
The world they describe is the world of man and nature, constantly changing yet always the same.