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G.Q., 20th-century British radiologist. See: Chance fracture.
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The likelihood that a thing has happened unpredictably without human intervention or observable cause; random variation within a population
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Statistics The likelihood that a thing has happened unpredictably without human intervention or observable cause. See Monte Carlo simulation, Random.
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1. That which occurs randomly.
2. An accident.
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Patient discussion about chance

Q. What are the chances that my children will have autism? My fiancé and I are planning on having children eventually. In his family, three of the five children have autism. My side is clear. What are the chances of us having a child with autism??

A. Autism is related to several genes and not just one. Therefore you can’t really tell if your children be autistic or not- it depends on how much “autistic genes” you and your fiancé have and how much of it you will inherit to your children. Regardless, you should check out this website:

Q. What are my genetic chances to get arthritis? 3 of my grandparents have arthritis but my parents don't. what are my chances to get it as well?

A. thanks dagmar! how do you get your arthritis info? know any good articles?

Q. What should I expect from my pregnancy for the chances of RA? My mother is having rheumatoid arthritis for the past 23 years. After I was born she started having high muscle aches basically at knees. After diagnosis it was confirmed for RA. She says that this pain and the swelling of knees started after my birth. Now I am pregnant and she remains worried about my pregnancy and the chances of RA. I am too getting worried now with my growing weakness and pain in my joints. What should I expect from my pregnancy for the chances of RA?

A. Savannah, first congratulations for your pregnancy!

Actually RA is an autoimmune disease, the exact cause of RA is still unknown, but many researchers believe that one of the factor is genetic factor. since your mom had been diagnosed with RA, it means that you're in risk of having RA also.

Now that you're pregnant, you need to consult with your doctors about your risk factors. it doesn't always have to be you're also having RA. but during pregnancy, because of the body weight gain, it can make the RA more manifest, because of the weight load the affected joint has to bear.
If you are diagnosed also with RA, you need to consult with your ob-gyn doctor for the drugs of choice that is safe for the pregnancy.

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"It was a chanceless innings, and the lower order batted brilliantly with him.
With his under-pressure side 2-0 down in the five- match series, Australia captain Michael Clarke earlier led from the front and moved on from his overnight 125 to craft a near chanceless 187-his highest test score against England.
"It was a chanceless knock and just a shame he could not complete his hundred.
As Bell (right) hit a chanceless century before next week's First Test against New Zealand in Dunedin, he conceded his reckless first Test innings of the winter had forced a change of approach.
Bell's chanceless 196-ball innings was the key to give his team the advantage despite Jimmy Neesham's four for 65.
Cook's chanceless knock also took him level with mentor Graham Gooch, England's batting coach's 20 Test tons, The Sun reports.
Wardens skipper Stenning said: "Manuel was simply superb, it was a chanceless knock on a slow wicket.
The visitors set out their stall to defend and play for a point from the firstwhistle and this led to a virtually chanceless first half.
Ord, in a chanceless innings, struck 16 fours and two sixes while pace bowler Hole hit 10 fours and one six in taking the visitors from 200 for eight to 374 for nine.
Spearman (143no) hit 10 fours and three sixes on his way to three figures in a chanceless innings which made a nonsense of what had appeared a worthy Yorkshire total on a true, easy-paced pitch.
Kallis's chanceless innings, his 12th Test century, was the product of almost seven hours at the crease.
His chanceless innings, spanning four-and-a-half hours, contained 20 fours and a six from 194 balls.