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This should be considered 'true' agreement, but it is attributed to chance agreement (i.
When this occurs, chance agreement will equal 100% and the denominator of the kappa equation will resolve to zero (Foster & Cone, 1986).
00, which reflects chance agreement, down to a theoretical -1.
Still, at the plant we studied, the first recorded last chance agreement of this type (that is, group-based, return-to-work agreement) was signed in 1970 along with, but separate from, the local agreement of that year.
Last chance agreements may also have a built-in moral hazard, particularly if employees, based on the experiences of others, begin to perceive the possibility of pre-arbitral reinstatement as a kind of "insurance policy" against final termination.
Thus our sample includes a total of 149 last chance agreements signed by 122 employees who, between them, were discharged 146 times.
Data for all of these measures were collected from the plant personnel files of those individuals signing last chance agreements.