Chalk Line

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A bright white or yellow line indicating where a homicide victim was found; although the chalk line is a classic staple of movies and TV shows, it is rarely done in real life by experienced investigators, as there is a risk that the line would 'contaminate' the scene and subsequent photos taken before and after the removal of the body could be challenged by the defence as inadmissible
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Slide plastic tile shims under the stone pieces to align the top edges with the chalk line (Photo 10).
Chalk Lines is a collection of essays that seemingly address these and related issues.
As if the physical chalk line used to make them were still in place, the interlacing of the yellow lines threaded the "screens" together, contracting the space between them where the wall drawings inscribed the wall.
Instead, create a perfectly straight vertical line using a plumb bob and chalk line.
there are ways to walk this chalk line without losing balance,
The dashing young man who gets faked completely out of his socks by a "non-move" or trips over a chalk line on the way to the impact area.
Francome, a member of the Channel 4 Racing team, has aired his views on the matter in the past, with the central proposal involving the introduction of a marker or chalk line around 20 yards before the start.
Drive a 6d nail into the slash and hook a chalk line to it.
Machine-stitch between A and B along center chalk line (hold fabric taut to prevent puckering) and 1/8 inch in from outside edges.
Stretch a string or chalk line across the joists at the middle of the deck.