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Casualties, Hazards, Access, Location, Emergency, Type. One of several mnemonics (e.g., METHANE), which is used in the context of a major incident (mass disaster) in the UK for the information that the first ambulance staff to arrive on the scene should relay to the Emergency Operations Centre.

Casualties—approximate numbers of priority 1, 2 and 3 patients, dead and uninjured.

Hazards present and potential.

Access routes and suitable provisional rendezvous points (RVPs).

Location of the incident, with map references if possible.

Emergency services present and required, including local authorities; consider medical team(s), special equipment and services (i.e., HEMS, Emergency Planning Manager, BASICS, ECV, ESV); request number of LAS resources required.
Type of incident, with brief details of types and numbers of vehicles, trains, buildings, aircraft, etc.
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North Yorkshire Policeofficers attended North Bay at 5.10am on Thursday following a report of a fire that spread through several chalets.
One chalet is completely burnt out whilst several neighbouring chalets have fire damage.
Follow the blue sign to the Sumivy Prame crossroad and then the green sign to Chata Plesnivec chalet.
Demand for the chalets has been growing since that start of the siege that was imposed on the Gaza Strip in 2007, and has increased particularly sharply in the past few years as a result of the total pollution of more than 60 percent of the waters along the coast and the partial pollution of the rest, extending to about 40 kilometers offshore.
Plans to build up to six chalets at land off Cloth Hall Lane in Cefn Coed were rejected by members of the council's planning committee.
The chalets comprise a deluxe family chalet or a premium family chalet, which includes a living area and a private terrace offering either a view of the giraffes or access to the wellness centre.
The chalets are a highlight for tourists from European countries such as Germany, United Kingdom and neighbouring GCC countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman, while attracting new markets from Scandinavia, China and CIS markets.
The chalets are in addition to the 27 existing chalets on site.
Last week the council's planning panel agreed to allow the chalets - but refused permission for the estate office.
The hotels combine the 'home from home', relaxed atmosphere of Ski Total's traditional chalets with the space, facilities and cuisine standards of a large hotel.
"The chalet part of the site does have planning permission for permanent residential use, but that's nothing to do with the people who own the chalets and everything to do with the person who owns the land, which is now my client."