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Casualties, Hazards, Access, Location, Emergency, Type. One of several mnemonics (e.g., METHANE), which is used in the context of a major incident (mass disaster) in the UK for the information that the first ambulance staff to arrive on the scene should relay to the Emergency Operations Centre.

Casualties—approximate numbers of priority 1, 2 and 3 patients, dead and uninjured.

Hazards present and potential.

Access routes and suitable provisional rendezvous points (RVPs).

Location of the incident, with map references if possible.

Emergency services present and required, including local authorities; consider medical team(s), special equipment and services (i.e., HEMS, Emergency Planning Manager, BASICS, ECV, ESV); request number of LAS resources required.
Type of incident, with brief details of types and numbers of vehicles, trains, buildings, aircraft, etc.
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The footage from the online camera of Maliovitsa Chalet is available HERE
We considered that older people as well tend to visit the Tatras, who are not able anymore to walk to the chalets also families with small children," Tremba presented the original intention of the exhibition, as quoted by SITA.
When my husband had returned to the chalet, he had found our neighbours fighting out on the grass in front of the chalets.
It is important to Swisscom and the alpine associations that alpine businesses and SAC chalets in remote locations also have access to a basic service provision.
It's a 'hotel within a hotel' concept that offers 15 impressive Aspen Ski Chalets overlooking Ski Dubai (as pictured above), plus five Aspen Pool Chalets, that face out onto a private pool deck.
On July 23, 2003, we had reservations for 12 at the Granite Park Chalet for one night.
The Chalets, touted to be a 'hotel within a hotel', comprise 15 luxurious Aspen Ski Chalets and five Aspen Pool Chalets connected directly to the hotel's infinity pool, marrying snow and sand in perfect harmony, offering views of the snowy slopes of Ski Dubai on one side and the sparkling Arabian Gulf on the other.
The article focuses on their five top ski chalets and experiences in the world, with a particular focus on places that enable luxury holidaymakers to make the most of their time.
And the result of that is 117 brand new chalets at the Minehead resort with either two, three or four bedrooms.
Today's chalets feature balconies and verandas, openplan living areas and L-shaped family sofas.
One of the issues is that current tenants of the chalets - of which there are 20 - have first refusal when the leases expire.
The resort consists of 73 chalets and suites that meet the aspirations of the various families and businessmen, especially with the presence of the suites that consist of three bedrooms with lounge and kitchen and provided with various equipment.