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chala (chäˑ·l),

adj in Ayurveda, “mobile” as a guna, one of the qualities that characterizes all substances. Its complement is sthira. See also gunas and sthira.
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EcuadorCevallos, De la Cruz, Hurtado,Guerron,Poroso, Obregon,Mendez,Edwin Tenorio (Marlon Ayovi 59), Chala (Ascensio85),Aguinaga(Carlos Tenorio45),Delgado.
The Montan/Goldsmith Transaction on the other hand, addresses the near term capacity limitations of the Chala One facility, until expansion permits are granted, and provides us with a third mineral purchase team who are pioneers of the sector with deep roots into the mineral processing industry of Peru.
Under the campaign nicknamed aACAyBadh Chala Bihar (Bihar marching ahead)', the state government has rolled out 400 high-tech vehicles fitted with audio-video system across the state praising the achievements of the Nitish Kumar government ahead of the upcoming state polls.
The Nitish government had earlier launched the ' Badh Chala Bihar' campaign on the customised raths to seek the public's opinion for preparing the Vision 2025.
The word chala is not used there, although a similar suggestion of deceit or false pretense is implied by vibruyuh.
An te a th' ann, tha i tric fosgailte airson bataichean a leigeil as a' chala, 's i ag adhbharachadh dail ris nach cuireadh baile mor suas.
00 with Ismail Ssenyange of DCS and Getinet Chala closely following in for 2nd and 3rd place in the Men's event with times of 16.
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The RC project area is located 3km west of Chala, a producing epithermal quartz vein gold mine which is hosted in the andesite volcanic rocks part of the Tertiary Volcanic Belt extending from West Turkey through to Northern Greece, Macedonia and western Serbia.
The evening ended with a combined presentation by Shakeel Awan, Rafia Bani & Munir Awan "Chite chane de chandni ve sargi dia taria lo cha de mera chala gumai o cha de".
A knowledgeable and dedicated group of spectators line the route and fill the finishing arena at Chala to cheer the winners and ensure a great atmosphere.