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chakras (chaˑ·krz), according to Tantric philosophy, the seven centers of energy that constitute our energy system. The chakras act as valves or conduits for energy from consciousness through the endocrine and nervous systems to different parts of the physical body.
chakra connection,
n healing touch process that uses both manual shadowing and light touch, starting at the feet and working up the body at 60-second intervals until all energy centers (chakras) of the body have been covered.
chakra spread,
n an approach for treating clients who are undergoing significant emotional, spiritual, and physical stress; practitioner sys-tematically holds each foot, hand, and then moves down the body to open and balance the client's energy centers.
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She reveals how the tattvas are the energy that animate each chakra and how we can use their archetypal energy to shape our inner life and align with our greater soul purpose.
The fifth chakra stands for personal integrity and communication.
Ideally, there is a free-flowing channeling of the life force through these seven points, but negative or traumatic experiences can block certain chakras.
Pathankot bravehearts Lt Col Niranjan EK of NSG's bomb disposal squad and Corporal Gurusevak Singh have been conferred with Shaurya Chakra and are among the 82 defence and paramilitary personnel for whom President Pranab Mukherjee approved gallantry awards.
Standing poses work predominately on the First (root) Chakra, known as Muladhara.
The first chakra is our root, ground, the earth beneath our feet.
The comic icon has been reportedly meeting with Bollywood directors and producers to adapt Chakra into a live action film.
The chakras are blocked due to emotional, mental or spiritual issues which restrict energy flow and lead to disease, discomfort or dysfunction in the body.
com)-- Omved's aromatherapy and color therapy session for chakra healing creates ripples in Mumbai.
Sushumna, a Hindi word for "the energy rod that goes up and down your spine from your toes to the crown of your head," is home to seven major chakras, or points of contact with that vital energy, Cooper says.
DUBLIN five piece The Chakras owe their journey so far to Ian Brown.
I AM a Rainbow" is the first of a series of three that addresses young audiences about holistic concepts and energy healing using the seven main chakras or energy centers of the human energy field.