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/chak·ra/ (chuk´rah) (shah´krah) any of the seven energy centers, located from the perineum to the crown of the head, of yoga philosophy; also used in some energy-based complementary medicine systems.


Ayurvedic medicine
Any of the body’s 7 or 8 energy centres, which act as “relay stations” for the flow of Life Forces and create a luminous energy field known as an aura that reflects the body’s energy; illness is viewed as the result of block or restriction in the flow of the body’s energy, which requires chakra balancing.

Root—1st chakra; base chakra
Governs survival instinct.

Base of spine; associated with colour red.
Sexual—2nd chakra; sacral chakra
Governs sexual instinct and emotions.

Behind navel; associated with sex organs and spleen and the colour orange.
Solar plexus—3rd chakra
Governs personal drives and sense of self-worth.

Below heart; associated with adrenal glands and the colour yellow.
Heart centre—4th chakra
Governs love and harmony.

Heart; associated with the circulation and the colour green.

Throat centre—5th chakra
Governs intelligence, creative expression, communication through sound, and truth.

Neck; associated with the thyroid gland and the colour blue.
Third eye—6th chakra
Governs mind, self, perceptions and intuition.

Deep in brain behind eyes; associated with pituitary gland and the colour indigo/deep blue or violet.
Crown—7th chakra
Governs relationship with the Force or Universal Self.

Top of  head; associated with the pineal gland and the colour purple/magenta.
Thymus centre—8th chakra; the “high heart”
Governs generosity and compassion.

Above heart; associated with the thymus and the colour tourquoise.


An ancient Indian tradition of understanding human energy in a system of seven major vortices that activate and energize surrounding areas. Chakras are said to be accessed through the practice of polarity therapy, Reiki, and yoga.
See also: polarity therapy, Reiki


, cakra (chăk′ră) [Sanskrit, cakra, wheel, turning]
In Ayurveda, Kundalini yoga and Tantric yoga, any of the seven energy centers running parallel to the spine that influence the conscious state of the body and therefore its health and well-being. Chakras are believed to interact directly with the endocrine and nervous systems to influence physical and emotional states.
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