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(1) See Endowed professorship
(2) A non-sexist term for chairman, chairwoman or chairperson—i.e., the presiding officer in an organisation; in academics, the ‘chair’ is often a full professor responsible for the department’s academic, clinical, administrative and research activities


1. See Endowed professorship.
2. A non-sexist sobriquet for the chairman, -woman or -person, ie the presiding officer in an organization; in academics, the 'chair' is often a full professor responsible for the academic, clinical, administrative and research activities of the department. Cf Endowed chair, Professor.

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Q. Do you want to end because of a vaccination in a wheel chair? It is already about 12 years ago. I met a mother with her kids. One came always in a wheel chair to the services. His terrible story is still in my mind. It could be shown, that because of a vaccination he got the cytomegalovirus infection (CMV) and then spastic paralysis.

A. Corrigendum: If you know somebody speaking German and English who could...

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This important committee brings tribal governments and local government together to help mitigate the impacts of gaming on surrounding communities," said Chairwoman Dianne Jacob.
In addition to her position as president, and as a show of commitment to PHG's future, Lilly Beter has accepted the additional positions of chief executive officer and chairwoman of the board.
Other business sessions include: "Networlding: Creating Your Networth with Relationships," moderated by Jocelyn Carter-Miller, Office Depot's Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President of Marketing; "How to Sell to Big Business," moderated by Patricia Morrison, Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President for Office Depot; "The Washington Women's Business Report" with Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Chairwoman of the National Women's Business Council and Chairwoman and CEO of Carlson Companies and Hector Barreto, Administrator for the United States Small Business Administration, moderated by Catherine Crier; and "How to Build a Successful Business," moderated by Monica Luechtefeld, Executive Vice President of Global E-Commerce for Office Depot.
Losh, that all the work done by Geyserville's Fire Department, the State Fire Marshal and other Sonoma County officials, is inadequate," said Chairwoman DeRouen.
Our Tribe has lived in the Alexander Valley for thousands of years and our intent has always been to be a good neighbor and to do everything to preserve the beauty and serenity of this area," said Chairwoman DeRouen.
Cheri Fleming, chairwoman of the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Health Foundation, led the effort to raise nearly $2.
The Governing Board of the agency that built the Alameda Corridor freight rail expressway named a new chairwoman on Thursday.
Back row, event chairwoman Cristina Jehle, Ashley Calendo, Stephanie Hodge, Jillian Shierts, Emily Bancroft, event chairwoman Carolyne Workman and guild President Cheryl Johnson Stabler.
Dalal Al Zayed was elected unopposed for the seventh consecutive year as legislative and legal affairs committee chairwoman with Khamis Al Rumaihi as vice-chairman.
Under the patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Mother of the Nation, Chairwoman of the General Women's Union, Supreme Chairwoman of the Family Development Foundation and President of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, the Emirates and Abu Dhabi Business Women Councils are holding a huge celebration on Tuesday evening 08 November 2016 at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their establishment.
In a statement to Emirates News Agency (WAM), Mushira Abu Ghali, Chairwoman and founder of the council, said the designation of August 28 as Emirati Women's Day reflects the UAE's keen interest in celebrating the significant role being played by women.