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(1) See Endowed professorship
(2) A non-sexist term for chairman, chairwoman or chairperson—i.e., the presiding officer in an organisation; in academics, the ‘chair’ is often a full professor responsible for the department’s academic, clinical, administrative and research activities


1. See Endowed professorship.
2. A non-sexist sobriquet for the chairman, -woman or -person, ie the presiding officer in an organization; in academics, the 'chair' is often a full professor responsible for the academic, clinical, administrative and research activities of the department. Cf Endowed chair, Professor.

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Q. Do you want to end because of a vaccination in a wheel chair? It is already about 12 years ago. I met a mother with her kids. One came always in a wheel chair to the services. His terrible story is still in my mind. It could be shown, that because of a vaccination he got the cytomegalovirus infection (CMV) and then spastic paralysis.

A. Corrigendum: If you know somebody speaking German and English who could...

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Children generally are ready to sit in a high chair once they can sit up on their own and eat solid food.
The Alexa Accent Chair exemplifies the famous 'form follows function axiom' by Louie Sullivan.
Three other neophyte senators-Sherwin Gatchalian, Risa Hontiveros and Joel Villanueva-were elected chairs of the committees on energy, health and labor, respectively.
Warren May, Chair, University of Mississippi Medical Center
As she takes the pictures, she notices how some people sit for hours observing their surroundings, how some neighbourhoods have more chairs than others and even the paternalistic view of the bawab sitting on his chair outside his building.
In Gardner, the chair to match is the big ladderback chair at 130 Elm St.
Since launch, more office chair reviews have been added every day.
Given that the prevalence in 1994 was estimated to be around 20%, it is clear that the prevalence of a non-CEO chair has increased significantly since our last article.
This issue of AMT is dedicated to the late Margaret Lorince, chair of MTNA's first pedagogy committee and co-founder of Pedagogy Saturday.
Biography: LWVUS/EF Board member/trustee, Advocacy Committee chair, 2004-06.
OC chair by Simon Pengelly for Lapalma with sinuous plywood veneer shell on a wire base.