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One of Wiedemann's most significant inventions was a planting/metering device for chaffy grass seed.
It's because our meat is more tender than beef, fresher than lamb, more fragrant than pork, fattier than dog, softer than mule, harder than rabbit, silkier than chicken, more dynamic than duck, more straightforward than pigeon, livelier than donkey, more pampered than camel, springier than horse, finer than hedgehog, more dignified than sparrow, fairer than swallow, more mature than wild goose, not as chaffy as common goose, more sedate than cat, more nutritious than rat, less demonic than weasel, and more common than lynx.
With a string of food quality & safety scandals with Ajisen Ramen, KFC and Chongqing chaffy dish industry cropping up over the past few months, risks of investing in chain service firms loom large for VC/PE institutions.