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, pl.


(sē'tă, -tē),
A bristle or a slender, stiff, bristle-like structure.
Synonym(s): chaeta
[L. saeta or seta, a stiff hair or bristle]


n. pl. chae·tae (-tē′)
A bristle or seta, especially of an annelid worm.




a bristle-like structure, often chitinous (see CHITIN). The structures are found particularly in ANNELID worms, where they occur as projections on most segments, and serve as anchors for that segment during locomotion.


see seta.
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Ant IV with a horseshoe-shaped tip (it is not a real papilla), with a special trifurcate chaeta beside it, a pointed and straight chaeta next to the tip, and a small and more rounded "pit" beside the last (Fig.
Number of chaeta decreasing progresively from eight in anterior parapodia to six in posterior ones.
The effects of inbreeding on body weight and abdominal chaeta number in Drosophila melanogaster.