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a Chinese concept of a fundamental life energy that flows in orderly ways along meridians, or channels, in the body. The energy can be either positive or negative. See also acupuncture.


, ch'i (chē) [Chinese , breath, air, spirit]
In traditional Chinese medicine, the vital force or energy of life.


n See qi.


see qi.
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He also cleaned the windows and ports on his boat because keeping windows clean allows ch'i energy to enter the boat from outside.
COLOR AND LIGHT--Bright colors attract ch'i, but dark colors trap ch'i.
Elsewhere (Goodman, "Retuning the Ts'aos") I argue that his name has been confused in the sources, and Ch'en Ch'i and Ch'en Hang (mentioned in Tu K'uei's biography as one of Tu's disciples) are the same person.
An understanding of specific moves and rules of go, or wei ch'i, is not a prerequisite (such knowledge might actually be an impediment), but I do ask a reader to be attentive and be willing to stretch.
Adding light and movement can promote the circulation of Ch'i, such as the moving water in a fountain, plants, wind chimes or ceiling fans.
A feng shui adjustment would be to clean up that area," thus freeing the movement of the ch'i.
I FEEL the problem in your arm would be helped by gentle exercise such as swimming, yoga or Tai Ch'i.
Because business can be so taxing on your emotional health, having good ch'i (energy) at the office is almost as important as having it at home.
Y la poeta peruana Sui-Yun traduce a tres poetas chinos: De Huang Ching-Jen, con "En busca de la soledad"; de Chu Yi-Tsun, el breve "Escuchando en el estudio de la luna", y de Kao Ch'i ocho lineas bajo la palabra "Girasol".
Releasing the tension by removing the wrinkle improves the flow of ch'i.