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a Chinese concept of a fundamental life energy that flows in orderly ways along meridians, or channels, in the body. The energy can be either positive or negative. See also acupuncture.


, ch'i (chē) [Chinese , breath, air, spirit]
In traditional Chinese medicine, the vital force or energy of life.


n See qi.


see qi.
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According to Eastern philosophy, when we have abundant Ch'i energy flowing through our bodies we are physically, emotionally and spiritually in balance, but when this energy is blocked our health and happiness can suffer.
If the ch'i is blocked in your present home there's no need to move.
Do not listen with your heart, but with your ch'i [life-energies].
relates God the Spirit to ch'i, the animating power and essence of the material body and to the existence of evil spirits, and suggests that the Spirit is the feminine member of the Trinity as well as the integrative and transformative force of trinitarian life.
Sun Tzu was born in the Chinese state of Ch'i during the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history and is believed to have authored Bing-fa or The Art of War sometime during the fourth century B.
The harmony between human habitats and natural surroundings is achieved by finding the right amount of ch'i in a location.
Chinese scholars have long searched for the precise locations of the proto-Zhou settlements prior to and during their occupation of the Wei River Valley, depending on accounts in early Chinese literature as well as artefact analysis (Ting 1935; Liang 1989; Ch'i 1946).
He rejected beautiful music that lacked moral goodness--"I detest the tunes of Cheng for corrupting classical music," he says in The Analects--but found joy exceeding his expectations when perfect beauty conveyed perfect goodness, as in the shao in Ch'i and in the Odes, which he characterized as "swerving not from the right path," an expression of pleasure and sorrow in exactly the right measure.
Even today, despite the preponderance of evidence unavailable to Newton that life is a purely material phenomenon, people still speak of immaterial vital forces such as ch'i, ki, prana, and psychic energy, which have no scientific basis.
Time magazine named seven-time Grammy-winning record producer Rick Rubin one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World," Rolling Stone called him "the most successful producer in any genre," MTV declared him "the most important producer of the last 20 years," and Interview magazine said that he "has done as much to redirect the ch'i of popular music over the last three decades as many of the artists he has produced.
Zhu zhi go tung der min ming tser lueh-Ch'i shih fen shi zhung ji ming ming tser lueh: Ch'i shi fang fa.
Perfect Ch'I registered her second win at Kempton this year when she held on from top-weight Avonrose to take the fillies' handicap by a neck at odds of 7-1 for Ian Wood, Paddy Barrett and James Doyle.