cetyl alcohol

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ce·tyl al·co·hol

(sē'tăl al'kŏ-hol),
The 16-carbon alcohol corresponding to palmitic acid, so called because it is isolated from among the hydrolysis products of spermaceti; it is used as an emulsifying aid and in the preparation of "washable" (oil in water emulsions) ointment bases.

cetyl alcohol

A solid white waxy alcohol, C16H34O, used as an emulsifier and in cosmetics, perfumes, and pharmaceuticals.

cetyl alcohol (C16H33OH)

Etymology: L, cetus, whale; Ar, alkohl, essence
a fatty alcohol derived from spermaceti, used as an emulsifier and stiffening agent in creams and ointments. Also called hexadecanol, palmityl alcohol.

cetyl alcohol

A white insoluble solid substance, C16H34O, used in the manufacture of ointments.
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