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The univalent radical C16H33- of cetyl alcohol.
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DR WHITE: The usual binding agents, cetearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol, and preservatives methylparaben and propylparaben.
50 (and) Disteardimonium hectorite (and) propylene carbonate) Cetyl Alcohol (Coast Southwest) (Cetyl alcohol) 2.
including Cetyl Myristoleate or the cetyl ester of Myristoleic Acid.
s proprietary form of hydroxytyrosol, in addition to glucosamine and cetyl myristoleate.
It is a proprietary natural-based, Imagenetix nutritional supplement, comprised of a blend of cetyl esters.
uses a proprietary blend of cetyl myristoleate and glucosamine-HCL that is quickly absorbed for relief when and where it is needed the most.
The CMC product, sold under the name of "Natrol Cetyl Pure" and other brands, is available in the United States at retail outlets such as Wal Mart and Walgreen Drug Stores, as well as through other distribution channels.
Then in a separate beaker heat the stearyl alcohol and cetyl alcohol to 80[degrees]C.
Moisturizers for normal skin are usually lighter and contain such silicone-derived ingredients as dimethicone, cyclomethicone and lightweight oils such as cetyl alcohol.
Some of GCI's branded products include ABG-Larch Arabinogalactans, Diehl's Own Cetyl Myristoleate, EleutheroSure Siberian Ginseng, Gamma-E Vitamin E mixture, Ge-Oxy Organic Germanium, Liposerine Phosphatidyl Serine, LutiSure Lutein, LycoSure Lycopene, Olivir Olive Leaf Extract, PoliSure-99 Policosanol and RhodiolaSure Rhodiola Rosea.
Offers cetyl alcohol NF and cetylstearyl alcohol as mold releases in plastics.
The active proprietary blend tested was Cetyl Myristoleate Complex (CMC).