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The dried plant, Cetraria islandica (family Parmeliaceae), a lichen, not a moss, used as a demulcent and as a folk remedy for bronchitis.
Synonym(s): Iceland moss
[L. caetra, a short Spanish shield (from shape of the apothecia)]
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Although feather mosses were the dominant cover within the tree island, Cetraria nivalis and Cladina spp.
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Ranges of lichens (Cladonia and Cetraria genera) form one of the most important natural winter pasture resources for wild and semidomesticated reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) (Alaruikka, 1964; Skuncke, 1969; Skogland, 1975; Andreyev, 1977).
Material from Burgos was found on algal films on soil overgrowing unidentified Cladonia mats in Quercus rotundifolia forest; other lichen species members also of the this terricolous community were Cetraria aculeata, Cladonia convoluta, Diploschistes diacapsis, Toninia sedifolia and Xanthoparmelia pseudohungarica.
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