cetostearyl alcohol

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ce·to·ste·a·ryl al·co·hol

(se-tō-stē'ă-ril al'kŏ-hol),
A component of the hydrophilic ointment ingredient known as emulsifying wax; a mixture of solid aliphatic alcohols consisting chiefly of stearyl and cetyl alcohols.
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Formulation WI 2030-032 0/W Lotion Ingredients % w/w Phase A Steareth-2 3.00 Steareth-21 2.00 Ethylhexyl stearate 9.00 Cetostearyl alcohol 1.00 Dimethicone, 5 cs 1.00 Phase B Demineralized water 66.60 Magnesium Aluminium Silicate 0.50 Ti02 Aqueous Dispersion 12.50 (40% solids, 30% Ti02) Propylene glycol 4.00 Phase C Germaben II 0.40 Procedure: Disperse Veegum in water.
Super Vasmol 33[R] is a popular emulsion-base permanent hair dye, containing mainly paraphenylenediamine (4%), with liquid paraffin, cetostearyl alcohol sodium lauryl sulphate, EDTA disodium, resorcinol, propylene glycol, herbal extracts, and permitted preservatives and perfume.