cetirizine HCl

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cetirizine HCl,

n brand names: Reactine, Zyrtec;
drug class: antihistamine;
action: competitive antagonist for peripheral H1 receptors;
uses: treatment of symptoms of seasonal allergic rhinitis, perennial allergic rhinitis, chronic urticaria.
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Hydro-alcoholic gels (20 g each) of cetirizine HCl with various concentrations of PG and PEG were formulated (Khan et al.
A carefully weighed quantity of cetirizine HCl was dissolved in distilled water in 100 ml of volumetric flask.
Cetirizine HCl shows a maximum absorbance at 231 Lambdamax.
concentration (ug/ml) of cetirizine HCl, y is absorbance at 231 nm and R2 correlation coefficient.
The appearance and other physical properties, including clarity, homogeneity consistency and spreadibility of the prepared Cetirizine HCl gel were inspected (Shah et al.
In order to determine the spreadibility of the prepared cetirizine HCl gels about 0.
In order to determine the pH of cetirizine HCl gels about 1 gm of prepared gel was dissolved in 100 ml of distilled water and shaked it well and then determine the pH by using digital pH meter (WTW, pH 526, Germany).
Determination of drug content of cetirizine HCl gels Standard solutions was prepared by dissolving and diluting 200mg of Cetirizine HCl working standard in 100 ml of 0.
For sample preparation, weigh powder sample equivalent to 200 mg of cetirizine HCl.
The solubility (ug/ml) of cetirizine HCl was 24347, 19913 and 0.
Table I illustrates the cumulative amount of cetirizine HCl permeated via silicone membrane using various formulations.
A small amount of cetirizine HCl was dissolved in 10 ml of distilled water in separating funnel, shaked it for 10 min, added 10 ml of octanol and shaked vigorously for 10 min.