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any aquatic EUTHERIAN mammal of the order Cetacea, comprising the porpoises, dolphins and whales.

Cetaceans are completely aquatic, have lost their hind limbs during evolution and have fin-like forelimbs, often a dorsal fin and, in marked comparison with fishes, a blowhole and transverse tail fin. The young are large at birth and suckled like other mammals. Cetaceans possess an extensive outer layer of fat associated with their marine habit, have a large brain and are capable of complex communication.

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He told the Press Association: "We're looking at different possibilities - chemical contaminants in the environment, physical pollution such as plastics, noise pollution from shipping and certain offshore industries, bycatch from fishing, or a different cause of death altogether." Despite the growing public concern about plastic pollution, the impact on cetaceans in UK waters appears to be low at the moment compared with other parts of the world.
Karl Stevens, Hebridean Whale Trail manager, said: "People currently visit Scotland for the landscapes, wildlife and culture - but not necessarily to see cetaceans.
According to experts, cetaceans are significant since these mammals are key species in the ecosystem.
He said that the school has a large recycling site with the right conditions and that the rescue of cetaceans and marine biology education are closely related, and for that reason he did not hesitate to sign the agreement with the Taiwan Cetacean Society to be on "standby" in the event of an emergency.
River dolphins and flooded forest: seasonal habitat use and sexual segregation of botos (Inia geoffrensis) in an extreme cetacean environment.
The cetacean encounter rate was 0.29 and 0.14 whale/nautical mile for fin and humpback whales respectively.
Although localized and short-term behavioral responses have been reported for some cetaceans during seismic surveys (Richardson, Greene, Malme, & Thomson, 1995; Gordon et al., 1998; Nowacek, Thorne, Johnston, & Tyack, 2007; Southall et al., 2007), our survey results address previous data gaps on the cetacean occurrence in shelf and slope waters off the Pacific coast of Central America during late fall.
The cetacean fossil record is detailed in chapter 2, and it includes a brief history of exploration and some of the key early figures involved in studying whale fossils.
Cetacean abundance in the Hawaiian Islands EEZ was estimated by using a multiple-covariate line-transect approach (Buckland et al., 2001; Marques and Buckland, 2004).
The authors and collaborators have been examining cetacean carcasses stranded around Sri Lanka for many years and have observed that many large whales bear signs of major trauma, which infers that ship strikes were the cause of death.
Rod Penrose from the Cetacean Stranding Investigation Programme identified it as a Kemp's ridley and transferred the turtle to us."
The sightings were reported by the Cetacean Population Study Team researching along the Sindhudurg coast for the past six months under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) project on Mainstreaming Coastal and Marine Biodiversity and implemented by the Maharashtra State Mangrove Cell.