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Disease caused by infection with a cestode.
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Parasitic infection caused by the presence of adult tapeworms of the class Cestoda within the intestinal tract. Infection is caused by accidental consumption of tapeworm larvae.
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Both the extract of the seed and decoction show 100% cure for pork tapeworm and a 94.1% cure in 120 cases of cestodiasis. In case of faslolopsis buski, a single dose was effective for 54.7%, while 3 successive doses cured 98.4%.
Por contraste, en los perros muestreados de La Vela, estado Falcon, Venezuela, tan solo se detecto una prevalencia del 2,75% (7/255) de la cestodiasis, la cual es similarmente baja como las reportadas en otras regiones de Venezuela (1,4 -1,5%) [5,27].
According to Prescott (2001), intestinal cestodiasis, in which the mature worm lives in the intestine, produces eggs that are evacuated in the feces and develops further in human host and in other animal hosts such as cow and pig.