cestode infection

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cestode infection, cestodiasis

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Cestode infection intensity was highest at stations 6, 8, and 9.
Human cestode infections Stage seen Species In man Common name Disease Taenia saginata Adult Beef tapeworm Rarely symptomatic Taenia solium Adult Pork tapeworm Rarely symptomatic Larva Cysticercosis Brain and tissue cysts Taenia multiceps Larva Bladderworm, Brain and eye cysts coenurosis E.
Prevalence and seasonal incidence of larval and adult cestode infections of sheep and goats in eastern Ethiopia.
Cestode infections should be considered as differential diagnoses of co-infections in HIV/AIDS patients.
Proliferating acephalic larval cestode infections have been described since 1908.
To summarise, albendazole, the newer benzimidazole derivative, is effective against most intestinal nematode and cestode infections and is, therefore, the drug of choice in mixed worm infection.