cervix vesicae

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cervix vesicae

The neck of the urinary bladder.
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pl. cervices; neck; the front portion of the neck (collum), or a constricted part of an organ (e.g. cervix uteri, see below).

double cervix
incomplete fusion of the müllerian ducts leads to duplication of all or parts of the female genital tract. In cows one of these is a duplication of the cervix but with only one uterus. More common is a double external os but a single internal os. Both represent an inconvenience at artificial insemination and are detectable on rectal or vaginal examination.
cervix uteri
the narrow caudal end of the uterus that opens into the vagina.
cervix vesicae
the caudal constricted part of the urinary bladder, proximal to the opening of the urethra.