cervix uteri

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 [ser´viks] (pl. cer´vices) (L.)
1. neck.
2. the front portion of the neck.
3. cervix uteri.
Organs of the female reproductive system. From Applegate, 2000.
cervix den´tis neck of tooth.
incompetent cervix a cervix uteri that is abnormally prone to dilate before termination of the normal period of gestation, resulting in premature expulsion of the fetus. Predisposing factors include a previous traumatic delivery and previous dilatation and curettage. It may be corrected during pregnancy by cerclage using a band of fascia or a nonabsorbable ribbon of Mersilene to constrict the cervical os.
cervix u´teri (uterine cervix) the narrow lower end of the uterus between the isthmus and the opening of the uterus into the vagina.

Cervical cancer is surpassed only by lung cancer and breast cancer as a cause of female cancer deaths in the United States. Cervical erosion refers to ulceration of the surface epithelium of the cervix resulting from trauma (as in childbirth) or infection. Cervical lacerations are likely to occur during childbirth. Most small lacerations heal by themselves, but more extensive tears in the cervix may require surgical repair. Cervical polyps are fleshy growths that form on the cervix, causing bleeding, and can be removed surgically.
cervix vesi´cae urina´riae the lower, constricted part of the urinary bladder, near the opening of the urethra.
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cer·vix of u·ter·us

the lower part of the uterus extending from the isthmus of the uterus into the vagina. It is divided into supravaginal and vaginal parts by its passage through the vaginal wall.
Synonym(s): cervix uteri [TA], cervix (3) [TA], neck of uterus, neck of womb
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cervix uteri

The the lower part of the uterus from the internal os outward to the external os. It is rounded and conical, and a portion protrudes into the vagina. It is about 1 in (2.5 cm) long and is penetrated by the cervical canal, through which the fetus and menstrual flow escape. It may be torn in childbirth, esp. in a primigravida.

Deeper tears may occur in manual dilatation and use of forceps; breech presentation also may be a cause. Laceration may be single, bilateral, stellate, or incomplete. Tears are repaired by suturing to prevent hemorrhage and later complications.

Synonym: cervical canalneck of the uterus
See also: cervix
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