Genitive of cervix.
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Because God had brought victory to Isabel over Islam, Isabel would appear ungrateful to God if she continued to allow a foreign (barbari), seditious (rebelles), and most obdurate people (durissimae cervicis homines), enemies of God and Christ, to dwell in her Catholic kingdom.
263v): "[P]ergravi ferens animo Dei et Christi hostes, barbaros Iudaeos, rebelles et durissimae cervicis homines, se et vivente et mortua in terris suis amplius commorari.
MUSCLE PRONUNCIATION brachii (biceps, triceps) bra'-ke-e (preferred) bra'-ke-i (accepted) cervicis (longissimus) ser'-ve-ses coccygeus kak-sij'-e-es digiti minimi abductor) dij-et-e min'-e-me dorsi (latissimus) dor'-si interosseus dorsales in-ter-as'-e-es dor-sal'-es (preferred) sal', sal (accepted) genus (articularis) je'-nes (preferred) jen'-es (accepted) gracilis gras'-e-les hallucis (flexor .
Further superiorly the remaining muscles to be considered are rhomboid minor and major, serratus posterior superior and splenius cervicis (Clemente 1987, Moore & Dalley 2006, Rosse & Gaddum-Rosse 1997, Standring 2005).
13 associates the cor lapideum with the populus durae cervicis of Exodus xxxiii.