Genitive of cervix.
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transversum cervicis)] towards the isthmic portion of the uterus to supply the uterus and cervix (Figure 7).
Two recent reports, described such effect on avian and mammalian neuromuscular preparations: in the avian chick biventer cervicis preparation, the methanolic extract of R.
Eighteen primary muscles were investigated, and the following muscles were significantly larger in the HE group than in the R group: infraspinatus, serratus ventralis cervicis, serratus ventralis thoracis, supraspinatus, and semimembranosus (p<0.05) though there was now significant difference of ratio of each muscle weight to total muscle weight between two groups.
While these cuts may relate to an effort to disarticulate the head from the neck, it is more likely that they were made in a procedure where the superficial and intermediate dorsal neck muscles (e.g., trapezius, splenius capitis, and splenius cervicis) and adjacent structures were severed in order to enable the levator scapulae and/or rhomboid minor muscles to be exposed so that the superomedial connection between the scapula and the neck could be separated.
The cervical segment is supported by the longus colli muscle anteriorly and the semispinalis cervicis and cervical multifidus muscles posteriorly.
Muscle group Electrode placements Action Reference associated electrode with muscles Splenius Over the muscle belly RPO, RLF, C7 spinous capitis (SC) at C2/3 level between RAO, LPO, process the uppermost parts of LLF, LAO trapezius and sternocleidomastoid Sternocleidomastoid Over the muscle belly, RLF, RAO, Acromion (SCM) about 1/3 of the LLF, LAO, length rostral to the F sternal attachment Cervical paraspinal 2 cm from the midline E, RPO, T1 spinous group (CPG); at C4 level LPO, process trapezius, capitis and cervicis groups) Table 3.
In a preliminary study, Ig fraction separated by dialysis, when incubated with the biventer cervicis nerve-muscle preparation [26] increased the magnitude of twitch responses of fast muscle fibers to electrical stimulation, as well as the response of slow muscle fibers to exogenous acetylcholine (Figure 4).
Because God had brought victory to Isabel over Islam, Isabel would appear ungrateful to God if she continued to allow a foreign (barbari), seditious (rebelles), and most obdurate people (durissimae cervicis homines), enemies of God and Christ, to dwell in her Catholic kingdom.
MUSCLE PRONUNCIATION brachii (biceps, triceps) bra'-ke-e (preferred) bra'-ke-i (accepted) cervicis (longissimus) ser'-ve-ses coccygeus kak-sij'-e-es digiti minimi abductor) dij-et-e min'-e-me dorsi (latissimus) dor'-si interosseus dorsales in-ter-as'-e-es dor-sal'-es (preferred) sal', sal (accepted) genus (articularis) je'-nes (preferred) jen'-es (accepted) gracilis gras'-e-les hallucis (flexor ...
Further superiorly the remaining muscles to be considered are rhomboid minor and major, serratus posterior superior and splenius cervicis (Clemente 1987, Moore & Dalley 2006, Rosse & Gaddum-Rosse 1997, Standring 2005).