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ln the traction group, the treatment package consisted of a intermittent cervical traction combined with "regular" physiotherapy programme involving ultrasound (1 wattlcm2 for 10 minutes), hotpack for 20 minutes, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) (conventional TENS therapy once a day for 20 minutes, with a frequency of 60 Hz and impulse duration of 100 [micro]sec), and cervical muscle strengthening via isometric contraction of flexor and extensor muscles (three sets of ten repetitions with one minute rest interval between each set), followed by stretching exercises for the spinal muscles.
The patients in the control group received 15 sessions (five per week) of "regular" physiotherapy alone, without any cervical traction.
The company sells its products, including the RS-4i[R] Sequential Stimulator, RS-TENS Plus[TM] Stimulator and Pronex[R] Inline Cervical Traction, and distributes other select brands throughout the United States with an employee sales force that markets directly to physicians and selected health care facilities in major metropolitan markets.
The company sells its products including the RS-4i Sequential Stimulator, RS-TENS Plus, Pronex Cervical Traction throughout the United States with an employee sales force that markets directly to physicians.
The Advanced Dynamic ROM(TM) splint and the PRONEX(TM) cervical traction device are now available through Empi's domestic direct sales organization.
Equally exciting is the fact that Empi has obtained exclusive national distribution rights for the PRONEX(TM) cervical traction device manufactured by Glacier Cross, Inc.
Examples of other products in its portfolio include iontophoresis systems, surface EMG biofeedback systems, dynamic range of motion splints, cervical traction devices and several devices for the conservative treatment of incontinence in females.
1 Dry cervical traction device (stretch-puller & Accessories)