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Traumatic cervical spine distraction injury at C6-C7.
The fracture of his cervical spine and multiple tears in his liver led to his death, he added.
Cervical spine injuries commonly occur at the; scrum, ruck and maul, as well as in tackles (Brooks et al.
Another key reason for the development of this CPR was the ongoing controversial topic of safety and risk of cranio-cervical arterial dysfunction from cervical spine manipulation (Ernst 2007).
Sections of the right vertebral artery at its entrance into the lower cervical spine showed extensive perivascular hemorrhage.
Brown-Sequard syndrome after blunt cervical spine trauma: clinical and radiological correlations.
Tests showed she had a fracture to the cervical spine.
They believe the procedure will lead to the growth of bone cells that will fuse her cervical spine which had rejected earlier a titanium implant, Cervantes said.
Mechanical airway obstruction secondary to retropharyngeal haematoma is a life-threatening emergency that should be anticipated in all patients with cervical spine injuries, regardless of the severity of trauma or surgery.
In 1890, Garrod reported involvement of the cervical spine in 178 (36%) of 500 patients with RA.
i-FACTOR bone graft is the first bone graft to be approved for use in the cervical spine and only the second PMA-approved bone graft in the spine.