cervical pleura

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cer·vi·cal pleur·a

the dome-shaped roof of the pleural cavity extending up through the superior aperture of the thorax.
Synonym(s): cupula pleurae [TA], dome of pleura ☆ , pleural cupula
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[14] The anterior cord, ansa subclavia descends down looping the first part of the subclavian artery is in close contact with the cervical pleura. Kuntz and Becker and Grunt noted its frequent origin from VG (70% in the present study).
The small upper pouch was situated in the cervical pleura. There was a considerable gap of around 3.5 cm between the two cecums.
Here, the trunk is separated from the posterior aspect of the cervical pleura by the suprapleural membrane.
Cervical pleura: That ascending into the neck over the summit of the lung is the cervical pleura or sometimes referred to as the dome of the pleura.