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Orthopedic surgeons and other contributors consider such topics as general spine anatomy and long tract pathways, cervical spine anatomy, lumbar spine anatomy, spinal history and physical examination, common radiographic measurements, lumbar disk disease, primary and metastatic spinal tumors, spinal infections, anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion, posterior cervical laminectomy and fusion, minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion, lateral lumbar interbody fusion, and common medical complications following routine spinal surgery.
Currently applications of endoscopic spine surgery to treat cervical pathology include posterior cervical foraminotomy (PCF), posterior cervical laminectomy, and anterior discectomy.
Despite surgical intervention with suboccipital craniotomy and posterior cervical laminectomy with rib graft spinal fusion, no improvement was noted and the baby had no purposeful movements postoperatively.
Chadduck first reported a case of hemorrhagic stroke after cervical laminectomy [3].
Hospitals, like Saddleback Memorial, that are designated as Blue Distinction Centers+ for Spine Surgery demonstrate expertise in cervical and lumbar fusion, cervical laminectomy and lumbar laminectomy/discectomy procedures, resulting in fewer patient complications and hospital readmissions compared to other hospitals.
The patient underwent surgical excision of the mass lesion through a cervical laminectomy [C3-C7].
Cervical laminectomy, which permits adequate decompression of the spinal cord, has long been the treatment for multilevel cervical spondylosis.
A 45-year-old male with factor V leiden and protein C deficiency required cessation of warfarin anticoagulation in preparation for cervical laminectomy. Elsewhere, an optional Gunther Tulip vena cava filter was placed by right common femoral approach (Figure 1).
(3) Naim-Ur-Rahman described a case of isolated sacral tuberculosis with a "skip-lesion" in the cervical spine that went undiagnosed until an emergent cervical laminectomy revealed a tubercular granuloma on histopathologic section.
The surgery performed was a "cervical laminectomy," an operation intended to correct several herniated cervical discs in Neal's back.
Prior to performing a cervical laminectomy on David Casey, a document was provided for Casey's signature, entitled, "INFORMED CONSENT FOR SURGICAL AND/OR DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES." The document dated October 12, 2000, was signed by Casey.
Chiari II * Inferior vermis, * Presentation most * Prior to medulla and fourth likely in neonate and decompression, the ventricle are child hydrocephalus must be caudally displaced treated with shunting into the cervical * In neonate, canal presentation often * Suboccipital accompanied by rapid craniectomy with * Myelomeningocele neurological cervical laminectomy present in deterioration related and dural patch essentially 100% of to brainstem grafting is treatment cases compression and of choice cranial nerve palsy.

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