cervical collar

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a type of orthosis worn around the neck for support and stabilization. See also cervical orthosis.
cervical collar cervical orthosis.
Chandler collar a neck brace made of soft felt.
four poster collar a rigid brace with four upright rods to support the neck and reduce motion; it has chin and occipital supports.
Philadelphia collar a rigid, adjustable neck brace.
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An encircling erythematous rash affecting the 2nd and 3rd cervical nerve roots of the trigeminal nerve in reactivated varicella-zoster
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cer·vi·cal col·lar

(sĕr'vi-kăl kol'ăr)
Splinting device used to stabilize the neck.
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cer·vi·cal col·lar

(sĕr'vi-kăl kol'ăr)
Splinting device used to stabilize the neck.
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According to the patient, the pain subsided, and a rigid cervical collar was applied to be maintained for 8 weeks, day and night, whereupon the patient was discharged.
listed soft cervical collar Would you recommend Yes Yes the elastic head support for others?
Subjects received either surgery to stabilize the fracture or a nonsurgical treatment consisting of several weeks of immobilization in a hard cervical collar. Both treatment groups were at similar risk of complications and death; in the surgical group, one patient died vs.
Patients are advised to wear a cervical collar for two weeks following the procedure.
Some of the innovations include a portable Braille reader designed by students of the Indian Institute of Technology, a newly designed cervical collar to protect the spine from further injury created by a Rice University team, and an affordable water-purification system developed by Western New England College students.
Items include wrist splints, thumb braces, back supports, hernia belts, a cervical collar, heel and elbow protectors, adult and children's arm slings, ankle supports, abdominal supports, and cast or bandage protectors.
The patient's neck should remain immobilised supine supported on a spine board with a cervical collar and immobilisation apparatus such as sandbags and tape until an adequate full cervical spine series can be obtained in the radiology department (ATLS 2004).
To shorten recovery time for adults with acute cervical radiculopathy, recommend either physical therapy (PT) and a home exercise plan or a cervical collar and rest2 Both are more effective than a wait-and-see strategy.
To stabilize the spine, paramedics wrap a cervical collar around a patient's neck and strap the individual to a long board to keep the vertebrae from shifting during transport.
He had been noncompliant with his cervical collar but denied any new trauma.
Except for the cervical collar she was also wearing a long and heavy scarf around the collar, protecting her neck from cold, as she said.
He has damaged three vertebrae in his neck and will have to wear a cervical collar for eight to 12 weeks.