cervical collar

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a type of orthosis worn around the neck for support and stabilization. See also cervical orthosis.
cervical collar cervical orthosis.
Chandler collar a neck brace made of soft felt.
four poster collar a rigid brace with four upright rods to support the neck and reduce motion; it has chin and occipital supports.
Philadelphia collar a rigid, adjustable neck brace.
Philadelphia collar. From Dorland's, 2000.
An encircling erythematous rash affecting the 2nd and 3rd cervical nerve roots of the trigeminal nerve in reactivated varicella-zoster

cer·vi·cal col·lar

(sĕr'vi-kăl kol'ăr)
Splinting device used to stabilize the neck.

cer·vi·cal col·lar

(sĕr'vi-kăl kol'ăr)
Splinting device used to stabilize the neck.
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Traction is strictly contraindicated and cervical collars should be avoided as they can produce longitudinal distraction [11].
He was treated in a halo-vest for eight weeks and a rigid cervical collar for a further eight weeks.
Because the patient had kept the collar for so long the neck muscles were overcontracted and in the long term she really needed the physical therapy and the cervical collar, making up a vicious circle.
Change the scenario to a trauma patient in a cervical collar and it makes the most seasoned radiologic technologists feel anxious and get sweaty palms.
Aside from rest and pharmaceuticals, the cervical collar should be maintained until muscle spasm has subsided (often 7 to 10 days).
Cervical spine immobilization, including a rigid cervical collar and long board, is applied immediately when the identifiable symptoms (discussed previously) are present to minimize risk for further injury.
If the patient can't leave a hot spot alone, she may have to wear an Elizabethan or cervical collar, which prevents the dog from biting, licking, or chewing the area while it heals.
The crews lifted her from the car, placed her on a spinal board and fitted her with a cervical collar before she was taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital.
Spinal immobilization and placement of a rigid cervical collar should begin in the field, continue to the Emergency Department, and then on to the Intensive Care Unit until it has been determined by physical examination and radiographic studies that there is no injury.
I tried wearing a soft cervical collar at work to control the twisting and spasms.
Much of the pain associated with whiplash occurs because people are told to wear a cervical collar, and they don't make any attempt to loosen their neck muscles for several days.