cervical chain

cervical chain (lymph nodes),

n one of three serially linked groups of lymph nodes located in the neck, including the superficial, deep, and posterior chains.
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Several techniques have been used to block the lower sympathetic cervical chain.
The rate of regional PTC metastasis to the neck is relatively high, while metastases outside the deep cervical chain are rare.
He had no complaint at the first follow-up, but he presented with constitutional symptoms, like fatigue and night sweats, and the physical examination determined lymphadenomegaly in the cervical chain at the next follow-up.
On neck CT, multiple conglomerated lymph nodes extended to the right vocal cord at the level of the hyoid bone, the largest approximately 22 x 18 mm in size and tended to coalesce with each other; a fistula to the skin with areas of necrosis was observed in the bilateral anterior-posterior cervical chain and bilateral supraclavicular area (Fig.
Pourfour du Petit syndrome is the opposite of Horner syndrome; it occurs with stimulation of the sympathetic cervical chain.
Fluid in the upper and outer lymphotome drains outward and downward into the parotid nodes, then down the cervical chain to the venous angle or terminus that is accessed at the supraclavicular fossae, and finally into the bloodstream.
Following the biopsy, MRI proved to be a more effective modality in demonstrating the involvement of the lymphadenopathy in the deep cervical chain (figure 2) and its dramatic extension into the superior mediastinum, with invasion into the superior portion of the pericardium.
1 Tuberculosis commonly involves superficial lymph nodes including those in posterior and anterior cervical chains or the suprascapular fossae and others like submandibular, periauricular, inguinal and axillary groups may also be involved.
The commonly involved superficial lymph nodes (Scrofula or king's evil) comprise those in the posterior and anterior cervical chains or the suprascapular fossae, but others such as submandibular, periauricular, inguinal, and axillary groups may also be involved.
The neck and abdominal ultrasonographies revealed multiple lymphadenopaties (LAP) on cervical chains and submandibular region.