lead carbonate

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lead car·bon·ate

a heavy white powder insoluble in water; occasionally, it is used to relieve irritation in dermatitis, but it is used largely in the manufacture of paint and in the arts and is thus productive of lead poisoning.
Synonym(s): ceruse, white lead
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Dispersion, caused by light splitting into the spectrum of colours, is even greater in cerussite than in diamond.
The anomalous metals in the heavy-mineral concentrates occur as distinct and angular grains of ore minerals such as cerussite, sphalerite, scheelite, barite, and unidentified secondary antimony minerals (Fig.
Commonly the brochantite is associated with cerussite, chlorargyrite, linarite, caledonite and leadhillite.
fr) had about 15 nice specimens of cerussite from the Ressas Touireuf lead-zinc mine in that country: they are antiques out of an old collection Laurent bought, the mine having closed during the 1930s.
Promising shoots of pyromorphite and cerussite were found early on, in what the miners called "phosphate ground," regarded as an indicator of rich primary ore below.
And micromounters take note: hiding in the copper, in some cases, are sharp, tiny crystals of cerussite, silver, pyromorphite, iodargyrite, and probably an unknown or two.
In 2000 a German group dug a couple of hundred excellent cerussite specimens in the Nakhlak mine near Anarak, some of which were marketed at the 2001 Tucson Show (see May-June 2001).
Other minerals in the Monmonier collection include an excellent cabinet-size cluster of manganite crystals from Ilfeld in the Harz Mountains, Thuringia; a fine azurite from the Copper Queen mine, Bisbee, Arizona; another fine azurite from the Touissit mine in Morocco, accompanied by a cerussite crystal cluster from the same locality; a Tsumeb dioptase; a cabinet-size axinite-(Fe) (formerly called ferro-axinite); a very large blue zoisite (var.
Desautels, in fact, was still the Curator when the taxpayers in question donated a variety of specimens to the Smithsonian, among them, a sinhalite, a cat's-eye rubellite tourmaline, a couple of euclase crystals, several cerussite specimens, some wulfenite specimens and a few anglesite crystals.
The locality is well-known for fine examples of common secondary minerals such as cerussite, dioptase and wulfenite, and also for rarer species such as diaboleite, caledonite, bideauxite and leadhillite which represent some of the finest known examples of their species.
First, the Ojuela mine, Mapimi, Durango--for a general history and complete mineralogy see our Mexico II issue (September-October 2003)--has now outdone itself in two secondary lead species, wulfenite and cerussite.
anglesites, cerussites and wulfenites from Phoenixville, the pyrites and chalcopyrites from French Creek, the rutile from Parkesburg, such as the apatite-(CaF) from Cornog--while others are quite surprising, even to this Pennsylvania native, e.