lead carbonate

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lead car·bon·ate

a heavy white powder insoluble in water; occasionally, it is used to relieve irritation in dermatitis, but it is used largely in the manufacture of paint and in the arts and is thus productive of lead poisoning.
Synonym(s): ceruse, white lead
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In Europe, the most "successful" whitening formulas contained ceruse, or white lead, which not only allowed for the appearance of matte white skin but further had a toxic effect on its wearers, including shortness of breath, dizziness, blindness and even paralysis (Dyer, 1997; Gunn, 1973; Peiss, 1998; Williams, 1957).
Thomas Raynor, from Benton, and Ceruse Salehy, from Washington, turned the library into a fair to raise cash.
After a fortnight of fundraising, 13-year-olds Thomas Raynor and Ceruse Salehy, who organised the events, managed to collect pounds 666.
Because cosmetics were often linked with poisons (most cosmetics were made of mercury sublimate and ceruse, or white lead) and their operations were usually invisible, they created "a crisis of permeability, penetration and contagion" (83).
plomb as "Ceruse, or white Lead, wherewith women paint." Early